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A Little About Me...

Well I have been drawing since I was 4 years old and remember scribbling on nearly anything. Overall, I'm self taught but did have great motivation and direction from my art teachers and friends along the way. I work with a mix of  traditional and digital art, though traditional will hold be my favorite. I do some freelance art and illustrations, also murals, with a group or solo, and assist with many art functions and festivals to encourage anyone wanting to express their talent, whether it's for fun or professional.



I attended SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Sequential Art. In addition to my majors, I have a great fascination and experience with other arts and design methods like Floral Design, Cake Decorating, Sculpting,  Painting, and  Landscaping


Furry Fandom...

Many know me in the furry fandom as Tavi Munk. Mainly a cubfur, though I do draw my fursona in various ages to keep it interesting. Joined the fandom in 1993 then became more active as time pass.  

I do attend to some conventions throughout the year. Sometimes to make awesome art, sometimes to mingle and have a blast, sometimes do both.

Anything you want to know about my art, simply scroll down. ^^

The Art/What I Draw...

As far as art, I draw a great deal of cub art. But don't let the title fool you, I do draw characters in all age ranges. My style range from a cartoony to a semi-realistic style with an Anime-ish, Disney-esque influence. But it's mainly due to my love for cartoons and cartooning. Nothing of serious detail, but a fun carefree look.

The art I do is kept at a G-PG level and I will do some are done pending on the topic and material.  Certain images I will do within the mature level, but nothing extreme.


Also I will NOT do commissions that involve any adult, vore, racial, and/or violent content.  This does include spankings, abuse, and anything I find out of my comfort zone. I will address it not on the list.

They will be automatically refused. I love making art that's fun and lively.

Terms of Service...


  • If you commission me means you agree to my TOS even if you didn't read it.

  • SFW ONLY (No Adult Commissions are accepted). Goes for drugs, alcohol, sexual, ect.

  • You can upload the art I made for you. Just make sure to credit the work.

  • Provide clear reference pictures/description.

  • Be sure to provide a recent/updated reference or pic of the character(s).

  • I draw in my style only, and not another artist's style. Do not criticize if it doesn't look like  another's style.

  • If your commission wording is not clear and I make a mistake based on that, it is not my fault.  Please proofread.

  • Please be as clear as possible when describing what you want. 

  • WIP (Work in Progress) stuff can be mention in ways of percentage.

  • I will do a max of two (2) minor edits

  • When drawing diaper art, the wet look is a light coloration. Messy will not.

  • Payments are through 'PayPal' only and in USD (US Dollar). Please adjust payments if you live outside the US.

  • I retain all copyrights to the picture.

  • You have a choice whether to send a payment in advance or wait until you've received an invoice from me.

  • All commissions I do may not be claimed as belonging or being created by you or someone else.

  • Some personal responsibilities/matters happen without warning. So delays may come up.

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